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Mullvad Browser 13.5a6

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All Platforms

  • Updated Firefox to 115.9.0esr
  • Updated mullvad-browser-extension to 0.9.0
  • Bug 234: Make User-Agent request header match RFP's navigator.userAgent [mullvad-browser]
  • Bug 271: After update, don't open the release page on Github. Instead link it in the startpage, like in Tor Browser [mullvad-browser]
  • Bug 274: Rebase Mullvad Browser alpha onto Firefox 115.9.0esr [mullvad-browser]
  • Bug 41676: Set privacy.resistFingerprinting.testing.setTZtoUTC as a defense-in-depth [tor-browser]
  • Bug 41916: Letterboxing preferences UI [tor-browser]
  • Bug 41918: Add option to reuse last window size when letterboxing is enabled [tor-browser]
  • Bug 42211: Fluent migration: new identity [tor-browser]
  • Bug 42214: Fluent migration: security level [tor-browser]
  • Bug 42236: Let users decide whether to load their home page on new identity. [tor-browser]
  • Bug 42428: Timezone offset leak via document.lastModified [tor-browser]
  • Bug 42443: Shrink the window to match letterboxing size when the emtpy area is double-clicked [tor-browser]
  • Bug 42472: Timezone May leak from XSLT Date function [tor-browser]
  • Bug 42473: ESR 115.9.1 fixes [tor-browser]


  • Bug 80: Make 'Mullvad your default browser' does not work on Windows [mullvad-browser]
  • Bug 42377: Hidden fonts are automatically added to the allow list [tor-browser]
  • Bug 41089: Add filetype association to the installer of Mullvad Browser [tor-browser-build]


  • Bug 42438: Adapt the data import wizard to use the original $HOME on Linux [tor-browser]
  • Bug 41110: Avoid Fontconfig warning about "ambiguous path" [tor-browser-build]

Build System

All Platforms

  • Bug 41088: Remove use of projects/browser/run_scripts [tor-browser-build]
  • Bug 41102: src archive does not match likely due to mismatched xz-utils version [tor-browser-build]
  • Bug 40073: We should remove ./ when using 7-zip for zip files [rbm]


  • Bug 41097: fails to run again because tmp-timestamp already exists [tor-browser-build]

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