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pre-release24 months ago

Breaking changes ⚠️

Migrate from <Popover /> to <Popper /> for desktop components.

We migrated our components to the core Popper + TrapFocus. Related to this all the components will not block scroll from now and also PopoverProps was removed in favor of PopperProps.

[typescript] Generic date type (#1966)

We got rid of dynamically attaching @date-io/type module declaration for the adapter's date engine type. From now on pickers will automatically infer the type of value or onChange props. But it is also possible to force using pickers with generic JSX components notation.

  // You can pass any value right here that can be parsed
  onChange={newValue => newValue?.getDate()} 

Change date selection flow (#1923)

  • From now on we will dispatch onChange when each view is filled (when the next view needs to open). This allows the developer to understand which value is already filled and also improves UX with. Cancel button – if cancel clicked already filled part will be saved. (closes #1909)
  • autoOk prop was removed and now picker will automatically close after selection for Desktop mode. It is possible to control this behavior with the new disableCloseOnSelectProp (closes #1651)

Fixes / Enhancments 🐛

  • Add missing props for DateRangePickerToolbar (#1914) @fhessenberger
  • [typescript] Fix theme overrides type failing @bopfer
  • [YearSelection] Do not call shouldDisableDate on year selection view for each year. (#1954)
  • [DateRangePicker] Fix not working renderDay prop (#1953)
  • [DateTimePicker] Always show arrow switcher in clock (#1949)
  • [material design] Replace theme.palette.text.hint with theme.palette.text.secondary (#1952)
  • [docs] Fix crash on DatePicker 'Customization' example (#1904) @bertrandp
  • [docs] Improve Responsiveness sections (#1884) @xiaoyu-tamu
  • [docs] Fix crash on DatePicker 'Customization' example (#1904) @bertrandp

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