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pre-release2 years ago


This release is a part of our ongoing breaking changes list implementation. We are working on making v4 stable before beta. And mostly all of out breaking changes are already done 🎉. Hopefully the next v4-alpha.9 will be the last alpha release


🔧 Breaking changes

  • Support "empty" value in pickers' UX (#1770)
    From now when the value={null} passed picker will not render any selected date (instead of highlighting today)
  • Rename text-props from ok{Label} to ok{Text} (okLabel => okText)
  • Global theme default props support (#1796)
  • Remove onMonthChange promise-based API in favor of loading prop (#1829)
  • [DateTimePicker] New desktop UI (#1771)

🥳 Features

  • Improve renderInput spreading experience for custom inputs (#1760)
  • [DX] Add missing prop types (#1761)
  • Export the default Toolbar components (closes #1694) (#1707) @Philipp91

🐛 Bugfixes & improvements

  • Fix TrapFocus import with @material-ui/core v4.10.1 (#1857)
  • [Calendar] Disable year in the list if it cannot be selected (#1848)
  • [DateTimePicker] Fix not working minDateTime and maxDateTime props (#1834)
  • [docs] improve English, move moment.js last due to bundle size (#1816)
  • Fix ternary condition for default mask values (#1797) @Philipp91
  • [docs] Add missing space to the date-io override example
  • [docs] Update parsing.mdx to use day.js document website (#1831) @ducthienbui97
  • [docs] Improve English and fix 404 link (#1815) @dandv
  • [docs] Removed outdated docs (#1838) @stunaz
  • [typescript] Reexport additional public props (#1846)
  • [Day] Accept font-family from typography (#1847)

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