github mui/material-ui-pickers v4.0.0-alpha.12

latest release: v3.3.10
pre-release23 months ago

It is the last release of @material-ui/pickers from the Starting from this point, we will work on migrating pickers to repo 😋

Breaking changes

  • [typescript] We made all of our components to be generic. That means that from now type inference works for all the props like renderDay and for side components.

Bugfixes and enhancements

  • [typescript] Fix typing for date values as unknown (by making all components generic)
  • [MonthView] Fix crashing when null was passed to the month selection view
  • [chore] Fix various peer dependency warnings (#2054) @eps1lon
  • [docs] Fix docs colors for v4.0.0-alpha.11 (#2065)

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