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July 19, 2020

Big thanks to the 11 contributors who made this release possible.


Breaking changes

  • [core] Drop support for non-ref-forwarding class components (#21811) @eps1lon
    Support for non-ref-forwarding class components in the component prop or as an immediate children has been dropped. If you were using unstable_createStrictModeTheme or didn't see any warnings related to findDOMNode in React.StrictMode then you don't need to do anything.
    Otherwise check out the "Caveat with refs" section in our composition guide to find out how to migrate.
    This change affects almost all components where you're using the component prop or passing children to components that require children to be elements (e.g. <MenuList><CustomMenuItem /></MenuList>)
  • [Stepper] Use context API (#21613) @baterson
    Rely on the context over the React.cloneElement() API.
    This change makes composition easier.


  • [icons] Add Google brand icon (#21807) @bmg02


  • [docs] Break up Select demos (#21792) @cjoecker
  • [docs] Change RMUIF info to new version (#21812) @phoqe
  • [docs] Fix Spanish translation (#21800) @adamsr123
  • [docs] Fix nav color (#21780) @mbrookes
  • [docs] Update (#21786) @jasonericdavis


  • [core] Allow dist tag as argv in use-react-dist-tag (#21810) @eps1lon
  • [core] Drop support for non-ref-forwarding class components (#21811) @eps1lon
  • [core] Lint with typescript-eslint parser (#21758) @oliviertassinari
  • [core] One label is enough @oliviertassinari
  • [core] Remove lint:fix command @oliviertassinari
  • [test] Enable "missing act()"-warnings (#21802) @eps1lon
  • [test] Improve stack trace for unexpected errors (#21818) @eps1lon
  • [test] Update react next patch (#21746) @eps1lon
  • [test] Use testing-library in withStyles (#21804) @eps1lon
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