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May 31, 2021

Big thanks to the 14 contributors who made this release possible. Here are some highlights ✨:

  • 👩‍🎤 We have completed the migration to emotion/sc of all the components (@material-ui/core and @material-ui/lab) @siriwatknp, @mnajdova.
  • 📦 Save 12 kB gzipped by removing the dependency on @material-ui/styles (JSS) from the core and the lab (#26377, #26382, #26376) @mnajdova.
  • 📦 Reduce a bit the size of the icons package. We go from 16.8MB to 15.1MB (#26309) @eps1lon
  • 👩‍🎤 We are progressively moving all modules that are relevant to styling custom design systems in @material-ui/system. It's meant to be complementary with @material-ui/unstyled (#26379, #26485) @mnajdova.
  • ⚒️ Add many new codemods to automate the migration from v4 to v5 (#24867) @mbrookes.
  • And many more 🐛 bug fixes and 📚 improvements.


Breaking changes

  • [styles] Remove makeStyles from @material-ui/core (#26382) @mnajdova

The makeStyles JSS utility is no longer exported from @material-ui/core. You can use @material-ui/styles instead. Make sure to add a ThemeProvider at the root of your application, as the defaultTheme is no longer available. If you are using this utility together with @material-ui/core, it's recommended you use the ThemeProvider component from @material-ui/core instead.

  -import { makeStyles } from '@material-ui/core/styles';
  +import { makeStyles } from '@material-ui/styles';
  import { createTheme, ThemeProvider } from '@material-ui/core/styles';

  const theme = createTheme();
   const useStyles = makeStyles((theme) => ({
     background: theme.palette.primary.main,
   function Component() {
     const classes = useStyles();
     return <div className={classes.root} />

   // In the root of your app
   function App(props) {
  -  return <Component />;
  +  return <ThemeProvider theme={theme}><Component {...props} /></ThemeProvider>;
  • [styles] Remove withStyles from @material-ui/core (#26377) @mnajdova

The withStyles JSS utility is no longer exported from @material-ui/core. You can use @material-ui/styles instead. Make sure to add a ThemeProvider at the root of your application, as the defaultTheme is no longer available. If you are using this utility together with @material-ui/core, you should use the ThemeProvider component from @material-ui/core instead.

  -import { withStyles } from '@material-ui/core/styles';
  +import { withStyles } from '@material-ui/styles';
  import { createTheme, ThemeProvider } from '@material-ui/core/styles';

  const defaultTheme = createTheme();
   const MyComponent = withStyles((props) => {
     const { classes, className, ...other } = props;
     return <div className={clsx(className, classes.root)} {...other} />
   })(({ theme }) => ({ root: { background: theme.palette.primary.main }}));

   function App() {
  -  return <MyComponent />;
  +  return <ThemeProvider theme={defaultTheme}><MyComponent /></ThemeProvider>;
  • [styles] Merge options in experimentalStyled (#26396) @mnajdova

The options inside the experimentalStyled module are now merged under one object. In the coming weeks, we will rename ths module: styled() to signal that it's no longer experimental.

  -experimentalStyled(Button, { shouldForwardProp: (prop) => prop !== 'something' }, { skipSx: true })(...);
  +experimentalStyled(Button, { shouldForwardProp: (prop) => prop !== 'something', skipSx: true })(...);
  • [Tabs] Update min & max width and remove minWidth media query (#26458) @siriwatknp

Update the implementation to better match Material Design:


  • [ButtonBase] Fix role="button" attribute (#26271) @Gautam-Arora24
  • [Dialog] Fix support for custom breakpoints (#26331) @jeferson-sb
  • [Select] Open popup below button (#26200) @oliviertassinari
  • [TextField] Add variants support, e.g. custom sizes (#26468) @siriwatknp
  • [Tooltip] Improve handling of small vs. touch screens (#26097) @oliviertassinari


  • [codemod] Add multiple codemods to migrate components from v4 to v5 (#24867) @mbrookes
  • [codemod] Correct path and add target placeholder (#26414) @mbrookes


  • [icons] Use array children instead of React fragments (#26309) @eps1lon


  • [system] Add Box to system (#26379) @mnajdova
  • [system] Add createStyled utility (#26485) @mnajdova


  • [styled-engine] Fix styled() util to respect options (#26339) @pasDamola


Breaking changes

  • [pickers] Remove allowKeyboardControl (#26451) @eps1lon
  • [ClockPicker] Rework keyboard implementation (#26400) @eps1lon

Remove the allowKeyboardControl prop from ClockPicker (and TimePicker and variants). Keyboard navigation now works by default.


  • [Button] Migrate LoadingButton to emotion (#26370) @siriwatknp
  • [ClockPicker] Selected option is the active descendant (#26411) @eps1lon
  • [DatePicker] Migrate CalendarPicker to emotion (#26390) @siriwatknp
  • [DatePicker] Migrate CalendarPickerSkeleton to emotion (#26335) @siriwatknp
  • [DateRangePicker] Migrate DateRangePickerDay to emotion (#26368) @siriwatknp
  • [DateRangePicker] Migrate internal components to emotion (#26326) @siriwatknp
  • [pickers] Migrate PickersCalendarHeader to emotion (#26354) @siriwatknp
  • [pickers] Migrate PickersModalDialog to emotion (#26355) @siriwatknp
  • [pickers] Migrate PickersPopper to emotion (#26391) @siriwatknp
  • [pickers] Migrate PickersTransition to emotion (#26353) @siriwatknp
  • [TimePicker] Migrate ClockPicker to emotion (#26389) @siriwatknp
  • [TreeView] Correctly select items in deeply nested trees (#26413) @Dru89


  • [docs] Add page for experimentalStyled() (#26361) @mnajdova
  • [docs] Add TypeScript convention (#26259) @siriwatknp
  • [docs] Add warning about git-blame-ignore-revs (#26487) @eps1lon
  • [docs] Clarify migration from Hidden (#26348) @m4theushw
  • [docs] Fix grammar for style library page (#26325) @mbrookes
  • [docs] Persist copied state indefinitely or until the user moves their cursor (#26336) @eps1lon
  • [docs] Typo in MultipleSelect (#26466) @wolfykey
  • [docs] Update system installation for v5 (#26481) @mnajdova
  • [template] Demo how to retreive form value (#26393) @akshitsuri


  • [core] Batch small changes (#26434) @oliviertassinari
  • [core] Fix peer dependencies declaration with yarn v2 (#26433) @oliviertassinari
  • [core] Remove @material-ui/styles dependencies from declaration files too (#26376) @mnajdova
  • [core] Revert Leverage CircleCI workspaces for jobs after checkout (#26444) @eps1lon
  • [test] Don't hoist constant elements (#26448) @eps1lon
  • [test] Fix prop-type warning (#26432) @oliviertassinari
  • [test] Flush scheduled effects before user event returns (#26447) @eps1lon
  • [test] Move ClockPicker tests to ClockPicker.test (#26407) @eps1lon
  • [test] setProps from createPickerRender should set props on the rendered element (#26405) @eps1lon
  • [utils] Convert useId to TypeScript (#26491) @eps1lon
  • [website] Add Material-UI X page (#25794) @DanailH
  • [website] Add open application section (#26501) @oliviertassinari
  • [website] Add Siriwat to team page (#26406) @siriwatknp

All contributors of this release in alphabetical order: @akshitsuri, @DanailH, @Dru89, @eps1lon, @Gautam-Arora24, @jeferson-sb, @m4theushw, @mbrookes, @mnajdova, @oliviertassinari, @pasDamola, @siriwatknp, @wolfykey

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