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Nov 4 2020

Big thanks to the 20 contributors who made this release possible. Here are some highlights ✨:

  • ⚛️ Add support for React 17 (#23311) @eps1lon.
    React 17 release is unusual because it doesn't add any new developer-facing features. It was released a couple of days ago. You can learn more about it in the introduction post. Material-UI now supports ^16.8.0 || ^17.0.0.
  • 🛠 Introduce a new @material-ui/unstyled package (#23270) @mnajdova.
    This package will host the unstyled version of the components. In this first iteration, only the Slider is available. You can find it documented under the same page as the styled version.

Why an unstyled package?

While engineering teams are successfully building custom design systems by wrapping Material-UI, we occasionally hear that Material Design or our styling solution are something they don't need. Some teams prefer SASS, others prefer to customize the components starting from a pristine state. What all these teams have in common is that they value the features coming from the components, such as accessibility.

The unstyled package goes one step down in the abstraction layer, providing more flexibility. Angular Material introduced this approach two years ago. Today their unstyled components account for 25% of the usage.

Another reason for introducing this package is to prepare the groundwork for a second theme (not Material Design based).

A note on the terminology: "unstyled" means that the components have the same API as the "styled" components but come without CSS. Material-UI also contains "headless" components that exposes a hook API, e.g. useAutocomplete or usePagination.

This change is part of our strategy to iterate on the v5 architecture with the Slider first. In the next alpha release, we plan to replace the v4 slider with the v5 slider. Once the new approach is stress-tested and validated, we will roll it out to all the components.

  • And many more 🐛 bug fixes and 📚 improvements.


Breaking changes

  • [AppBar] Fix z-index when position="static" (#23325) @sujinleeme
    Remove z-index when position static and relative
  • [theme] Fix error message for augmentColor failure (#23371) @reedanders
    The signature of theme.palette.augmentColor helper has changed:
  +theme.palette.augmentColor({ color: red, name: 'brand' });


  • [Autocomplete] Fix unclickable area between text input and endAdornment (#23229) @sujinleeme
  • [Autocomplete] Follow Material Design State spec (#23323) @sujinleeme
  • [Avatar] Fix usage of srcset property (#23286) @matheuspiment
  • [ClickAwayListener] Fix mounting behavior in Portals in React 17 (#23315) @eps1lon
  • [core] Allow React 17 (#23311) @eps1lon
  • [Icon] Fix translation, e.g Google Translate (#23237) @cbeltrangomez84
  • [LinearProgress] Fix Safari's bug during composition of different paint (#23293) @montogeek
  • [Radio] Fix dot misalignment in Safari (#23239) @anasufana
  • [styled-engine] Fix tagged template syntax with multiple expressions (#23269) @eps1lon
  • [Table] Fix empty row logic when displaying all (#23280) @JoaoJesus94
  • [Table] Fix handling of rowsPerPage={-1} (#23299) @JoaoJesus94
  • [TextareaAutosize] Fix container with no intrinsic height (#23273) @sujinleeme
  • [TextField] Fix disabled color in Safari (#23375) @Morteza-Jenabzadeh
  • [theme] Fix spacing string arguments (#23224) @GuilleDF
  • [Tooltip] Fix excess spacing (#23233) @benneq


  • [unstyled] Create package and move SliderUnstyled there (#23270) @mnajdova
  • [core] Allow React 17 (#23311) @eps1lon


  • [lab] Migrate Timeline to TypeScript (#23242) @oliviertassinari
  • [core] Allow React 17 (#23311) @eps1lon


  • [core] Allow React 17 (#23311) @eps1lon


  • [core] Allow React 17 (#23311) @eps1lon


  • [core] Allow React 17 (#23311) @eps1lon
  • [theme] Fix spacing string arguments (#23224) @GuilleDF


  • [Transition] Document default appear value (#23221) @GuilleDF
  • [blog] Danail Hadjiatanasov joins Material-UI (#23223) @oliviertassinari
  • [docs] Add Material-UI Builder to in-house ads (#23342) @mbrookes
  • [docs] Fix a few typos and add comma (#23284) @reedanders
  • [docs] Fix few propTypes in Inputs (#23331) @youknowhat
  • [docs] Fix language cookie (#23324) @mbrookes
  • [docs] Fix typo in (#23329) @mtsknn
  • [docs] Guard against unknown value in userLanguage cookie (#23336) @mbrookes
  • [docs] Make it clearer that custom router is supported (#23304) @Maxgit3
  • [docs] Sync translations (#23080) @l10nbot
  • [docs] Update homepage quotes (#23326) @mbrookes
  • [docs] Update nav translations (#23234) @mbrookes
  • [docs] Update system pages to use sx prop instead of deprecated Box props (#23368) @mnajdova
  • [docs] Use present tense for bool prop descriptions (#23274) @mbrookes


  • [utils] Add all @material-ui/core/utils to @material-ui/utils (#23264) @mnajdova
  • [core] Batch small changes (#23327) @oliviertassinari
  • [core] Fix implicit transitive 'csstype' dependency (#23301) @quinnturner
  • [core] Move material-ui-benchmark into benchmark/server (#23271) @eps1lon
  • [core] Replace temp package with node built-ins (#23262) @eps1lon
  • [core] Restrict top level imports that target CJS modules (#23159) @eps1lon
  • [test] Fix unexpected console warn/error spy swallowing unrelated messages (#23312) @eps1lon
  • [test] Fix various issues with the new cli on windows (#23381) @eps1lon
  • [test] Improve test debugging (#23372) @eps1lon
  • [test] Introduce experimental CLI (#23369) @eps1lon
  • [test] Prevent growing call stack in custom keyDown/keyUp (#23321) @eps1lon
  • [test] Run with Safari 13 (#23292) @eps1lon
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