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Apr 27, 2021

Big thanks to the 6 contributors who made this release possible. Here are some highlights ✨:

We fixed an issue related to some packages using incompatible versions of @material-ui/types. This affected @material-ui/core, @material-ui/lab, and @material-ui/styles
@material-ui/types@5.1.7 accidentally included a breaking change.


  • [Avatar] Remove circular variant deprecation (#25543) @michal-perlakowski
  • [types] Ensure Omit type exists (#25978) @eps1lon


  • [DataGrid] Update docs sections (#25980) @dtassone
  • [docs] Sync master redirections with next @oliviertassinari
  • [docs] Fix deploy @oliviertassinari
  • [docs] Move DataGrid editing nav link (#25769) @dtassone
  • [docs] Design is what matters @oliviertassinari
  • [docs] Add the new demo page (#25285) @DanailH
  • [docs] Add a temporary hiring block in the docs (#25111) @oliviertassinari
  • [docs] Remove under construction icons from DataGrid feature pages (#24946) @DanailH
  • [docs] Add HoodieBees to sponsors (#24735) @mbrookes
  • [docs] Add sorting section (#24637) @dtassone
  • [docs] v4 is not under active development @oliviertassinari


  • remove job ad @oliviertassinari
  • clearer header @oliviertassinari
  • [blog] Fix typos @oliviertassinari
  • [core] Update the codesandbox issue templates (#25501) @oliviertassinari
  • [core] Support /r/issue-template back (#24870) @oliviertassinari
  • [website] Q1 2021 Update (#25591) @oliviertassinari
  • [website] Matheus Wichman joins Material-UI (#25590) @oliviertassinari
  • [website] Fix 404 page @oliviertassinari
  • [website] Update Careers page (#24948) @oliviertassinari

All contributors of this release in alphabetical order: @DanailH, @dtassone, @eps1lon, @mbrookes, @michal-perlakowski, @oliviertassinari

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