github mpvnet-player/ v6.0.3.1

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pre-release24 months ago
  • Creating a playlist from a folder uses absolute normalized paths, non-media files are ignored.
  • The show-info command shows directly an advanced view, which was enhanced with a General section and the filename.
  • Media info titles are shortened if they contain duplicated or obvious information.
  • Support of shortcuts (.lnk files) with media file target.
  • Support --audio-file and --sub-file aliases.
  • playlist-random command jumps to a random playlist entry, default key binding is F9.
  • Fix OSC hide behavior on mouse move.
  • Fix external audio tracks not shown correctly in tracks context menu.
  • New binding (e key) to show the current file in File Explorer.
  • Shift key enables process-instance=multi.
  • Command line syntax (preceding double hyphen) is supported in mpv.conf for options implemented by
  • MediaInfo v22.06
  • libmpv shinchiro 2022-07-30

input.conf changes:


e    run powershell -command "explorer.exe '/select,' ( \"${path}\" -replace '/', '\\' )" #menu: Tools > Show current file in File Explorer
F9   script-message-to mpvnet playlist-random #menu: Navigate > Random File

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