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pre-release2 years ago
  • The options cache and demuxer-max-byteshave been added
    to the conf editor.
  • Command messages are dispatched with script-message-to mpvnet.
  • New feature to change profile using the command palette.
  • New feature to show media info on screen, the command palette shows
    an osd option and the show-info command shows more detailed info
    after a second key press. Media info display in the track menu
    was also improved. Thanks to dyphire helping with code.
  • New media-info option allowing to use mpv track-list
    instead of the media info library.
  • New show-santa-logo (green and grumpy) option.
  • New quick bookmark feature, see manual.
  • Progress command shows time and date.
  • When input.conf is created on the very first start and a
    script-opts folder does not exist, a script-opts folder
    is created with osc and console defaults:
    osc-idlescreen=no (hides the original mpv logo)
  • Support mpv idle property, see manual for remarks.
  • Fix external audio and subtitle files not shown in all use cases.
  • Fix various mpv options not working in case of existing same line comments.
  • Fix crash choosing Matroska edition in the menu.
  • Fix auto-play and auto-load-folder not working with user scripts.
  • Fix slow startup using osd-scale-by-window=no.
  • Fix URL shown instead of media title on file change OSD,
    in recent menu and in recent command palette.
  • Fix chapter time display in menu.
  • Fix incorrect startup window size using gpu-api=vulkan.
  • Fix logo not hiding sometimes using gpu-api=vulkan.
  • libmpv shinchiro 2022-06-05

input.conf changes:


F9      show-text ${track-list} 5000                #menu: View > Show Tracks


F9      script-message-to mpvnet show-media-info osd  #menu: View > Show Tracks
Ctrl+p  script-message-to mpvnet select-profile       #menu: View > Show Profile Selection
Alt+q   script-message-to mpvnet quick-bookmark

All occurrences of script-message were changed to script-message-to mpvnet.

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