github mpvnet-player/ v5.9.0.0-beta

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pre-release2 years ago
  • Fix startup without media file not working with gpu-api=vulkan.
  • Fix keyboard layout change not working.
  • Fix multi monitor setup with different DPI values not working.
  • Fix config editor handling keep-open and keep-open-pause incorrectly.
  • New specific option keep-open-exit added. If set to yes and
    keep-open is set to no, exits after the last file ends.
  • New playlist-add command added to change the playlist position,
    jumps to the other end when the beginning or end is reached.
    Ctrl+F11 goes 10 positions backward.
    Ctrl+F12 goes 10 positions forward.
  • libmpv zhongfly 2022-05-07

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