github mpvnet-player/ v5.6.1.0-beta

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pre-release2 years ago
  • Various conf editor improvements. (hooke007)
  • Custom conf folder location feature removed.
  • Inno Setup replaced with Microsoft Store setup.
  • Fix script-opts files being ignored.
  • Showing the recent list in the command palette,
    the top item gets auto selected.
    #328 (comment)
  • If the play list is empty, the most recent file
    gets loaded when pressing space.
    #328 (comment)
  • Ctrl+v (previously u) opens files (or URLs) from the clipboard,
    previously it had to be a file path (format string) and now
    it can also be the clipboard format of type file.
  • The usability of the menu structure was improved.
  • Audio and subtitle tracks and various other features
    are now available in the command palette.
  • Single character input in the command palette searches exclusively
    key bindings, much like the search field of the input editor.
  • Various default key bindings improved.
  • New protocol registrations, so far supported are: ytdl, rtsp, srt, srtp
  • libmpv zhongfly 2022-02-27

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