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4 years ago
  • new: forecolors in the dark theme are slightly darker now

  • new: readme/website and manual were improved

  • new: source code includes now the release script to build the archives and setup files

  • new: the history feature now uses the full path

  • new: install via Scoop and Chocolatey added to readme/website (Restia666Ashdoll)

  • new: update check, it must be enabled first in the conf editor under General

  • new: update feature, requires PowerShell 5 and curl,
    an up to date Windows 10 system has both included.
    Main menu (input.conf) must be reset or updated manually (defaults)

  • update: libmpv shinchiro 2019-11-10

  • fix: often the OSC was shown when fullscreen was entered
    or on app startup, this is now suppressed

  • fix: the file association routine uses no longer 'Play with' for the
    default open verb caption because it doesn't support multi selection,
    it shows now only Open, the manual explains how to get multi selection
    in File Explorer, read about it here

  • fix: x86 builds had an older version included because
    of a misconfiguration in the solution file

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