github mpvnet-player/ 5.2

latest releases: v7.1.1.1-beta, v7.1.1.0, v7.1.0.0...
4 years ago
  • bug fix for single-instance not working with unicode filenames
  • bug fix for logo not shown on start
  • osd-visibility.js script was removed because the OSC uses too much memory
  • youtube-dl was updated
  • libmpv was updated to shinchiro 2019-08-04
  • in case was started from a terminal it sets now the mpv property input-terminal to yes,
    this means will now receive and handle input keys from the terminal
  • certain command line properties didn't work (input-terminal, terminal, input-file,
    config, config-dir, input-conf, load-scripts, script, scripts, player-operation-mode)
  • the about dialog shows now the mpv version and build date
  • the dialog that asks for a config folder has now a cancel option

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