github mpvnet-player/ 5.0

latest releases: v7.1.1.0, v7.1.0.0, v7.0.0.6-beta...
4 years ago
  • changed icon design
  • libmpv was updated to shinchiro 2019-07-14
  • new or improved config editor settings: screenshot-directory,
    screenshot-format, screenshot-tag-colorspace, screenshot-high-bit-depth,
    screenshot-jpeg-source-chroma, screenshot-template, screenshot-jpeg-quality,
    screenshot-png-compression, screenshot-png-filter
  • mpv.conf preview feature added to config editor, it previews the mpv.conf content
  • in the entire project the term addon was replaced with the term extension,
    unfortunately this will break user extensions. The reason for this drastic
    change is that there exist too many different terms, addons, addins,
    extensions, modules, packages etc.. follows Google Chrome as the worlds
    most popular extendable app, Chrome uses the term Extension.
  • a thread synchronization bug was fixed, the shutdown thread was aborted
    if it was running more than 3 seconds, this caused the rating extension
    to fail if it was waiting for a drive to wake up
  • a new JavaScript was included to show the playlist with a smaller font size,
    the script is located at startup/scripts
  • terminal support added using !
  • script engine performance and error handling was improved
  • the scripting wiki page was improved
  • the C# scripting host extension was converted from VB to C# because it's not
    only used for hosting but I also use it now to code and debug script code
  • there was a copy paste bug in the file association feature resulting in keys
    from mpv being overwritten instead of using keys. Thanks to floppyD!
  • there was a exception fixed that happened opening rar files
  • instead of using the OS theme color there are now default colors
    for dark-color and light-color

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