github mpvnet-player/ 4.6

latest releases: v7.1.1.1-beta, v7.1.1.0, v7.1.0.0...
5 years ago
  • fix for middle mouse button not working
  • fix of logo overlay using a huge amount of memory (thx for the ghacks article)
  • fix config dialog showing a message about app restart without reason
  • when multiple files are selected in Windows File Explorer and enter is
    pressed, the files are opened as selected, the order is random though
    because Explorer starts multiple processes concurrently
  • libmpv was updated to shinchiro 2019-06-30
  • the mpv.conf defaults were changed to show a larger OSC
  • in case a file is opened that has a aspect ratio smaller then 1.2 then
    the window size will use a aspect ratio of 1.8
  • new JavaScript script osc-visibility.js included in the distribution
    under startup\scripts. It sets the OSC to be always on for audio files
    and auto for non audio files

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