github mpvnet-player/ 4.4

latest releases: v7.1.1.1-beta, v7.1.1.0, v7.1.0.0...
5 years ago
  • clipboard-monitoring was replaced by url-whitelist:
    Keyword whitelist to monitor the clipboard for URLs to play.
    Default: tube vimeo ard zdf
  • some settings like colors didn't work because enclosing quotes were missing
  • when single process queue is used the folder is no longer loaded
  • the playlist is never cleared whenever the control key is down but
    files and URLs are appended instead
  • powershell script hosting bugs were fixed and a new powershell example script
    was added to the scripting wiki page
  • the menu entry for the command palette was renamed to 'Show All Commands' and
    the default key binding was changed to F1 which is also the default in VS Code
  • the default key binding of the Everything media search was changed to F3
  • support for the mpv property 'border' was added to the config editor
    to show/hide the window decoration (titlebar, border). A toggle menu item and
    key binding (b) was added as well (Default Binding)

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