github mpvnet-player/ 4.0

latest releases: v7.1.1.1-beta, v7.1.1.0, v7.1.0.0...
5 years ago


  • on the start screen the mpv.NET icon is shown instead of the mpv icon,
    feedback and contributions regarding the icon are welcome! The
    pdn and png source is located here
  • everytime only one file is opened the complete folder is loaded in the playlist
  • the info command (i key) shows the audio format
  • new options osd-font-size, sub-font, sub-font-size
  • new color options with dedicated GUI support: sub-color, sub-border-color, sub-back-color
  • the config editor no longer shows the command line switches
  • the github start page was greatly improved
  • the setup.ps1 PowerShell script was greatly improved in regard of error handling and readability
  • a manual to was created

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