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5 years ago


3.2 (2019-04-27)

  • mpvInputEdit and mpvConfEdit were discontinued and merged into
    mpvnet because separate apps were to difficult to work with
  • portable mode: in case no config folder exists and the
    startup folder has write access mpvnet will ask where
    the config folder should be created (portable or appdata)
  • there was an issue causing keys not working after a modal window was shown
  • there was a crash when no script folder existed in the conf folder
  • MediaInfo and youtube-dl were updated
  • a new JavaScript example script was added to the wiki and the
    script descriptions were improved. Scripting Page.
  • greatly improved file and github startpage
  • About dialog added
  • the input editor shows only a closing message if actually a change was made
  • the input editor don't show confusing menu separators any longer. Screenshot
  • new Command Palette feature added. Screenshot, Default input binding
  • the history feature had a bug causing files to be logged more than once

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