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2.9 (2019-04-16)

  • clicking the right top corner in full screen mode
    closes the player but it did not work on all displays
  • the info display was changed to display the filename on top
    so it's not displayed in the middle of the screen
  • on start up of the conf editor all text is now selected in the
    search text box so it's ready for a new search to be typed
  • the conf editor was changed to write the settings to disk
    only if the settings were actually modified, also the message
    that says that the settings will be available on next start
    is now only shown if the settings were actually modified.
  • there was an instance in the context menu where the sub menu
    arrow was overlapping with the text
  • in the input editor when only one character is entered in the
    search text box the search is performed only in the input and
    not in the command or menu
  • in the input editor the routine that generates the input string
    was completely rewritten because it was adding Shift where it
    wasn't necessary (it took a huge amount of time to implement)
  • the context menu has a new track menu where the active track
    can be seen and selected, it shows video, audio and subtitle
    tracks with various metadata. Menu default definition.
    The screenshots were updated showing the new track menu.

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