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2019-04-18 Test Build

Change Log

  • New features :
    • Re-added support for portrait orientation, changing orientation at runtime and setting a default. (@sfan5)
    • Added support for saving position on exit. (@sfan5)
    • Added support for tcp:// protocol via intents. (@sfan5)
    • Added a button for cycling through playback speeds. (@KoffeinFlummi)
    • Official build now contains aarch64 native binaries in addition to ARMv7.
  • Fixes :
    • Fixes for physical keyboard input. (@sfan5)
    • Improvements to audio output. (@tomty89)
    • Miscellaneous fixes.

Full set of dependencies for the build

  • mbedtls 2.16.1
  • lua 5.2.4
  • freetype 2.10.0
  • fribidi 1.0.5
  • libass libass/libass@fa49852cd7fbab79653e62e1e52cedeb33a536ea
  • FFmpeg 5ba769214f91f099f93185d33bd28e0460cc3908
  • libmpv mpv-player/mpv@4e9dc60d9e7728cddfc901a8b0b7048eeebed5e6
  • mpv-android 0a9177965521c6b6fb259eef27f4e057401aa7cb
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