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2018-04-09 Test Build

Change Log

  • Fixup for setting the audio output sample rate with the queried optimal parameter as the OpenSL ES audio output was moved to the generic audio-samplerate option from an output specific one (@sfan5).

Full set of dependencies for the build

  • nettle 3.4
  • gnutls 3.5.18
  • lua 5.2.4
  • freetype 2.9
  • fribidi 0.19.7
  • libass libass/libass@98727c3b78f44cb3bbc955fcf5d977ebd911d5ca
  • FFmpeg 92fe0bf1e8f83899ae8123bf1adc82dd6211f33a
  • libmpv mpv-player/mpv@b0951d71f88d29aae7babcee4a5f9dab6435ece3
  • mpv-android 56362addfa8f33152ae559dc0acec0346e6fab7d
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