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2017-06-25 Test Build

The same as the previous release (2017-06-24), but has some quick fixes towards some crash bugs that were verified from Google Play store's analytics.

Change Log

  • Fixed a crash that happens during a seeking gesture if the player position cannot be received from libmpv. (@xyzz)
  • Added a 5% dead-zone for the touch gestures on the top/bottom to enable easier usage of the Android status bar. (@xyzz)
  • Fixed a crash that happens during opening of a content URL if the file descriptor cannot be received from the Content Resolver (@sfan5)

Full set of dependencies for the build

  • nettle 3.3 (unchanged)
  • gnutls 3.5.13 (unchanged)
  • lua 5.2.4 (unchanged)
  • freetype 2.8.0 (unchanged)
  • fribidi 0.19.7 (unchanged)
  • libass 9fb384014e6d5205a6e30bc3a217e7edae4068a2 (0.13.7)
  • FFmpeg c1b43e8452e778edea757e912d17780df1ebd92d
  • libmpv 628a2deb1d59af20abcdc4c62ad368db239cbb34
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