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2017-06-14 Test Build

This release is a smörgåsbord of various improvements from @sfan5!

Change Log

  • Switched to use libmpv's seek command instead of a custom solution.
  • Passing of the device's screen's refresh rate to libmpv has been implemented.
    • Only for Android 6+ as the refresh rate API is API level 23 and up.
    • Can be disabled in the settings.
  • Debanding has been Implemented.
    • Utilizes gradfun=radius=12 as the OpenGL shader seems to have compatibility issues.
  • A simple overlay for estimated VF FPS has been implemented.
    • Can be enabled in the settings under developer settings.
  • Support for HTTPS through nettle+gnutls has been added.
    • Mozilla's CA bundle is utilized for trust verification.
  • MPEG-2 Video decoding with MediaCodec has been enabled as FFmpeg merged the feature.
    • I guess this helps... somewhere?
  • A menu has been added for URL entry next to the settings.
  • Compatibility libraries and the Kotlin runtime have been updated.

Full set of dependencies for the build

  • nettle 3.3 (new)
  • gnutls 3.5.13 (new)
  • lua 5.2.4 (unchanged)
  • freetype 2.8.0
  • fribidi 0.19.7 (unchanged)
  • libass 9fb384014e6d5205a6e30bc3a217e7edae4068a2 (0.13.7)
  • FFmpeg feb13aed794a7f1a1f8395159e9b077351348a34
  • libmpv e2573e5b8d815ac2a1c3f56d743a1e9bf712138d
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