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2017-01-10 Test Build

  • Enables debugging in release configuration (we never planned on disabling this, so this is a fix)
  • Updates dependencies
  • Custom VO/AO preference settings are removed for now, as libmpv changed its API regarding these sub-options.
    • These quite possibly didn't work in the previous build, either.

edit Fsck el Goog and their policy of no debug'able builds on store. Had to revert that commit and the mpv-android-2017-01-10-2 tag marks the spot where I built the binary for the store, which does not allow debug.

Full set of dependencies for the build

  • lua 5.2.4
  • freetype 2.7.1
  • fribidi 0.19.7
  • libass 3b08a1dcb5be8ef42feafdfcbe6a8be97f9a4a9e
  • FFmpeg daff04bd1837442286fcb6b58546a2cc7f5b589d
  • libmpv c000b37e9abd926fffff79c4f3056e1700a0e849
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