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2016-12-07 Test Build

Still not aarch64 binaries because @jeeb is lazy.

First build that I am planning to post on Google Play unless I failed hard. The signing key has changed, so an upgrade will not work. Sorry. The ones I have noted changing with an arrow include the version utilized until now (and not upgraded for months).

Full set of dependencies

  • lua 5.2.4 (unchanged)
  • freetype 2.6.3→2.7.0
  • fribidi 0.19.7 (unchanged)
  • libass 06d5dae1a50dbcc5086ed227d06d7694715caecd → 143f0bc50297ba91f9931063cf6023abb498dac0
  • FFmpeg c188f358aaee5800af5a5d699dd657cef3fb43a6
  • libmpv 3eceac2eab0b42ee082a0b615ebf40a21f0fb915
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