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2016-09-18 Test Build

  • Updated FFmpeg and mpv (6216b47 and 08432fc respectively)
    • The HEVC MediaCodec decoder is now usable for those pieces of hardware that support HEVC hardware decoding through it. OMX-only software decoders not available through MediaCodec are not supported.
  • Dependency libraries have been updated.
  • API usage of properties regarding HW decoding has been fixed for current versions of libmpv.
  • Minimum Android API version has been bumped up to 21 (Android 5.0).
    • All instances of running with OpenGL ES drivers from 4.4.x (API version 19) have been failures so far.
    • API version 21 is required for aarch64 Android binary building (this binary only includes ARMv7 binaries for now, but for the next binary I will have the dependencies built for aarch64).
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