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Commits since last release

Check upstream for the full history.

  • Improve documentation of font- and face-related attribute functions commit
  • Improve indexing in "Programmed Completion" commit
  • Improve documentation of 'set-fontset-font' commit
  • Update WEB PAGES part of make-tarball.txt commit
  • Fix problem with Solaris ls in Tramp commit
  • Update instructions about ChangeLog.N file generation commit
  • Another fix for non-ASCII 'overlay-arrow-string' commit
  • Avoid a redisplay loop when 'overlay-arrow-string' is non-ASCII commit
  • Fix last change in isearch.el commit
  • Add minimum instructions to 'query-replace' commands commit
  • Fix customization-group of 'python-forward-sexp-function' commit
  • Fix wording of "File Notifications" in the ELisp manual commit
  • Update from gnulib commit
  • Revert prompting changes in viper-cmd commit
  • Fix regression with multiple mode: entries in the prop line commit
  • Avoid hangs in python-mode with debug-on-error set commit
  • Fix major-mode setting regression when there's a mode: cookie commit
  • Revert "Don’t assume openat" commit
  • Don’t assume openat commit
  • Fix GC bug in filelock.c commit
  • Clarify when mode tagging is used commit
  • Further vcs-cvs/rcs-responsible-p updates from master commit
  • Fix builds on older versions of macOS commit
  • Fix documentation of Outline minor mode options commit
  • Improve discoverability of 'insert-directory-program' commit
  • Fix cursor motion under truncate-lines with Flymake fringe indicator commit
  • Make all vc-*-responsible-p functions return a string commit
  • Describe problems with invoking Python on MS-Windows commit
  • A better fix for bug#54800 commit
  • Add a comment about cl-concatenate commit
  • Revert "Make cl-concatenate an alias of seq-concatenate" commit
  • Fix 'window-text-pixel-width' when starting from display property commit

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