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4 months ago

Commits since last release

Check upstream for the full history.

  • Fix indexing of module functions that return enumeration types. commit
  • tramp.texi texinfo 4.13 compatibility commit
  • Explain "Tramp" spelling in its manual commit
  • Fix 'display-line-numbers-mode' in hide-show buffers commit
  • Don't check whether a deleted window is deletable (Bug#54028) commit
  • A friendlier error message from image-mode in an empty buffer commit
  • Don't reference obsolete variables in edebug.el commit
  • Fix a typo in filesets.el's doc string commit
  • Improve documentation of filling and justification commands commit
  • Fix indexing of module functions that return complex types. commit
  • Prevent crashes caused by invalid locale coding systems commit
  • Separate command and concept index in Transient manual commit
  • Fix Transient manual commit
  • Fix problem with popd for in remote shell buffers commit
  • Import texi source file for transient manual commit
  • Fix 'exchange-point-and-mark' in 'transient-mark-mode' commit
  • Fix "C-SPC C-SPC" after "C-x C-x" commit
  • Fix a typo in fontset.el commit
  • Note in ELisp manual that too-wide images are truncated commit
  • Fix integer arithmetic miss-compilation (bug#53451) commit
  • Mark flymake as compatible with emacs-26.1 commit
  • flymake: Ensure compatibility with older Emacsen commit
  • Don't remove from gnus-newsrc-alist on Gnus save commit
  • Fix ietf-drums-get-comment doc string commit
  • Fix typo in display.texi commit
  • Revert an erroneous change in tramp-cache.el commit

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