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5 months ago

Commits since last release

Check upstream for the full history.

  • Improve documentation of 'emacs-version' commit
  • Clarify documentation of a "face's font" commit
  • Bind Qdebugger to Qdebug in signal_or_quit. commit
  • Fix regression in Occur Edit mode commit
  • Fix last change of Malayalam composition rules commit
  • Fix rendering of Malayalam script commit
  • Improve documentation of Occur mode commit
  • Remove debug logging commit
  • Fix error in filelock.c commit
  • Partially revert a fill-region-as-paragraph regression commit
  • Fix 'make_lispy_position' when there's an image at EOB commit
  • Fix copyright-find-copyright when searching from the end commit
  • Fix copyright.el comment and add a test commit
  • Make the `f' command work in image-mode again commit
  • Seccomp: improve support for newer versions of glibc (Bug#51073) commit
  • EUDC: Fix a quoting bug in the BBDB backend commit
  • Fix memory-report-object-size to initialize memory-report--type-size commit
  • Fix menu-bar mouse clicks in "C-h c" and "C-h k" (bug#53322) commit
  • Fix UB in ebrowse commit
  • Fix execute-extended-command-for-buffer in fundamental-mode commit
  • Add workaround to handle a problem with Enlightenment WM (Bug#53298) commit

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