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5 months ago

Commits since last release

Check upstream for the full history.

  • Fix regression leading to flickering tooltips when the mouse is moved commit
  • Fix native comp for non trivial function names (bug#52833) commit
  • Mark a few more map tests as unstable on Emacs 28 (Bug#46722). commit
  • Avoid another segfault in 'face_at_buffer_position' commit
  • Mark test-map-into as unstable commit
  • Fix Edebug specification for inline functions (Bug#53068). commit
  • Remove mention of removed `gnus-treat-play-sounds' variable from manual commit
  • Revert "Fix closure-conversion of shadowed captured lambda-lifted vars" commit
  • doc/lispref/windows.texi (Textual Scrolling): Remove obsolete text. commit
  • Fix closure-conversion of shadowed captured lambda-lifted vars commit
  • Fix test lisp/cedet/semantic/bovine/gcc-tests on macOS (Bug#52431) commit
  • Don't fail flymake-tests if gcc actually is Clang commit
  • Fix tabulated-list-mode tests after revert commit
  • Revert "Remove the filename argument from the command line after an ELC+ELN build" commit
  • Remove the filename argument from the command line after an ELC+ELN build commit
  • save-some-buffers): Simplify the fix for bug#46374 commit
  • Improve docstring of edit-abbrevs commit
  • Revert "Fix alignment on font size change in tabulated-list-mode" commit
  • Clarify docstring of package-native-compile commit
  • Fix Subject "simplification" in Rmail commit
  • Bump Emacs version to 28.0.91 commit
  • Update files for 28.0.91 pretest commit
  • Fix vc-git with old Git over Tramp and cygwin-mount.el commit
  • Avoid inflooping when 'tab-bar-format' includes embedded newlines commit
  • lisp/tab-line.el: Revert part of the fix in a6adfe21e4 (bug#52881) commit
  • Clarify %g and %G time format specs commit
  • define-char-code-property): Workaround for bug#52945 commit
  • Update more copyright years commit
  • Minor fixes related to copyright years commit
  • src/xfaces.c (face_for_font): Make 'hash' be uintptr_t. commit
  • Improve doc strings of fringe indicator variables commit
  • lisp/tab-line.el (tab-line--get-tab-property): New function (bug#52881). commit
  • Avoid assertion violations with variable-weight fonts commit
  • Minor improvement in user documentation of completion style commit
  • Fix bug where bookmark-jump used (point), not (point-at-bol) commit
  • CC Mode: c-update-brace-stack: After struct foo *, do not expect a brace. commit
  • Improve documentation of 'M-X' and related features commit
  • Improve rectangle-mark-mode documentation regarding mark activation commit
  • Fix typos in in 'reset-language-environment' commit
  • eshell-complete-parse-arguments: don't use string-match on a list commit
  • Improve documentation of read-multiple-choice commit
  • Explain why we remove stuff from 'user-full-name' commit
  • Fix the bug with duplicate entries in xref output commit
  • Improve Xref documentation commit
  • lisp/net/shr.el (shr-expand-url): Also strip trailing commit
  • Revert field-related thingatpt changes commit
  • lisp/window.el (quit-restore-window): Select previously selected window. commit
  • Revert "Remove Motif support" commit
  • Clarify description of two mouse dragging parameters (Bug#52537) commit
  • Fix control buffer window height in 'ediff-setup-control-buffer' (Bug#49277) commit
  • Fix crash when dumping charset_table with portable dumper (Bug#52461) commit
  • Remove maintainer comment from Emacs 28 module snippet. commit
  • Set calc-make-windows-dedicated to nil by default commit

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