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6 months ago

Commits since last release

Check upstream for the full history.

  • Fix regression in help-mode prompt commit
  • Make `M-x run-python' select the window again commit
  • lisp/tab-bar.el (tab-bar-switch-to-last-tab): Add 'abs' for precautions. commit
  • Rewrite the "Quitting Windows" section of Emacs Lisp Reference commit
  • Fix eshell for systems that do not have subprocesses commit
  • Avoid undefined behavior in 'send-process-region' (Bug#52369). commit
  • Fix the DJGPP port commit
  • Revert "Make `M-x run-python' select the window again" commit
  • Make `M-x run-python' select the window again commit
  • Don't bug out on certain empty elements with ids commit
  • emacsclient takes more care about XDG_RUNTIME_DIR commit
  • Add missing K key documentation for Cangjie input methods commit
  • Fix manual entry of 'quit-restore-window' (Bug#52328) commit
  • Clarify a comment in xdisp.c commit
  • Revert "Grep alias `all' shall not match parent directory" commit
  • Fix mode-line display in Calendar mode commit
  • etc/tutorials/ (CONCLUSIONI): Reword paragraph. commit
  • Backport: Make a more robust check in Tramp using scripts commit
  • Document native-comp-async-report-warning-errors more commit
  • Doc fix; Epiphany has been renamed to GNOME Web commit
  • Remove dead link from newsticker commit
  • Select the right buffer for event in context-menu functions (bug#9923) commit
  • lisp/minibuffer.el: Fix for bug#52169 regression commit
  • Fix typos and improve consistency in ERC manual commit
  • Document the subtleties of the 'cursor' text property commit
  • Fix most remaining AUTHORS warnings commit
  • Fix the enumeration values returned by 'try_scrolling' commit
  • Further author fixes in authors.el commit
  • Remove reference to variable obsolete since 24.1 commit
  • FAQ: Normalize references to the NEWS.NN file commit
  • Add Tramp version integrated in Emacs 28.1 commit
  • Update Tramp version (don't merge with master) commit
  • Unbreak build after 9c222b9c1a7f91497a37567b4d7de3a511fff069. commit
  • Port to C compilers that lack size-0 arrays commit
  • Port emacsclient to Solaris 10 commit
  • Work around IBM XL C compiler bug commit
  • lisp/tab-bar.el (tab-bar-close-other-tabs): Fix regression. commit
  • lisp/repeat.el: Use same logic for repeat-check-key and repeat-exit-timeout. commit
  • lisp/help.el (help--analyze-key): Prefer posn-set-point over mouse-set-point commit
  • Bump Emacs version to 28.0.90 commit
  • CC Mode: Recognise "struct foo {" as introducing a type declaration commit
  • Update authors.el for Emacs 28 commit
  • lisp/repeat.el: Fix long-standing problem when a random key activates map commit
  • lisp/repeat.el (repeat-keep-prefix): Change default to nil. commit
  • test/lisp/repeat-tests.el (repeat-tests-call-b): Test for commit 588caf0b27. commit
  • src/callint.c (Fcall_interactively): Fix inhibit_mouse_event_check. commit
  • Fix regression in gdb-frame-handler commit
  • Format and index concept 'predicate' in ELisp Intro commit
  • Remove problematic characters from (bug#52126) commit
  • Avoid undefined behaviour when copying part of structure commit
  • Remove an obsolete comment commit
  • Fix Subject when forwarding message with 2-line From commit
  • Fix pdf generation with Texinfo 6.7 commit
  • Fix 'posn-at-point' near some overlays commit
  • lisp/repeat.el (repeat-post-hook): Add check symbolp rep-map. commit
  • Revert "Use @pxref when necessary" commit

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