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7 months ago

Commits since last release

Check upstream for the full history.

  • Fix '(space :relative-width N)' display spec w/non-ASCII chars commit
  • lisp/proced.el (proced-sort-header): Fix event positions (bug#1779). commit
  • Fix mouse handling with several TTY frames on MS-Windows commit
  • Fix temacs invocation from outside of the 'src' directory commit
  • Avoid byte-compilation warnings in edmacro.el commit
  • Fix mouse events on tab bar or tool bar when 'track-mouse' is t commit
  • Fix `browse-url-interactive-arg' for certain kinds of events commit
  • Add upward compatibility entry in Tramp (don't merge) commit
  • Fix sorting of menus in `context-menu-local' (bug#50067). commit
  • Fix flyspell-correct-word selected from context menu opened with the keyboard commit
  • lisp/tab-bar.el: Use 'mouse-1' for history buttons like for 'add-tab' button commit
  • Improve documentation of window hooks commit
  • Improve doc string of 'highlight-nonselected-windows' commit
  • lisp/tab-bar.el: Doc fixes for commands bound to modifier keys. commit
  • Fix removal of fringe marks of deleted bookmarks commit
  • lisp/repeat.el (repeat-echo-message): Bind message-log-max to nil. commit
  • lisp/repeat.el (describe-repeat-maps): Use help-fns--analyze-function. commit
  • lisp/repeat.el: Detect changes in the minibuffer state (bug#47566) commit
  • Avoid segfaults due to freed face cache commit
  • Doc fix; change recommended file name of custom-file commit

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