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8 months ago

Commits since last release

Check upstream for the full history.

  • Fix typo in describe-map-tree doc string commit
  • Drop support for native compilation on 32-bit Cygwin commit
  • doc/misc/ fix capture context example commit
  • Fix rendering of title-less tags in shr commit
  • Avoid signaling errors in lookup-key commit
  • Fix localized display of date and time in the NS port commit
  • Fix display glitches with side-by-side windows on TTY frames commit
  • Avoid replacing common prefix with ellipsis commit
  • Improve documentation of string truncation APIs commit
  • lisp/textmodes/css-mode.el: Fix typo. (Bug#51488) commit
  • Make message/rfc822 on buttons work again in Gnus commit
  • Some Tramp changes, mainly in tramp-tests.el commit
  • Improve commentary in the last change commit
  • Make hieroglyphs display correctly with existing fonts commit
  • Clarify "default face attributes" in the ELisp manual commit
  • Make `C-u RET' work again commit
  • Fix typos in the manual and in a comment commit
  • Avoid assertion violations in 'lookup-key' commit
  • image-dired: Unreverse accidentally reversed menus commit
  • Be more allowing when looking for menu-bar items commit
  • Allow automatic use of color fonts for emoji on macOS commit
  • Fix help commands for menu-bar menus commit
  • Explain why "kinds of atom" isn't a typo commit
  • Improve function documentation with text from XDG BDS spec commit
  • Revert parts of "Use string-replace instead of replace-regexp-in-string" commit
  • Revert parts of "Use string-search instead of string-match[-p]" commit
  • Revert "Fix a typo in emacs-lisp-intro.texi" commit
  • Fix issue with interpreting ANSI codes in eshell commit

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