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10 months ago

Commits since last release

Check upstream for the full history.

  • Un-obsolete dired-in-this-tree-p and use it again in certain places. commit
  • Use string-replace instead of replace-regexp-in-string commit
  • Another fix for parse-colon-path commit
  • Doc update wrt Tramp support of SSH security keys commit
  • project.el: Bump the version commit
  • Further fix to filtering Gnus search group names commit
  • Fix files-tests broken on MS-Windows by a recent change commit
  • Fix prin1 problem in package-quickstart-refresh commit
  • Fix print-length issue in comp-run-async-workers commit
  • Make q' in org-agenda' work even with `debug-on-error' set commit
  • Fix problem with relative directories in CDPATH commit
  • perl-mode: fix variable fontification commit
  • Allow building on MacOS with MacPorts and libgccjit commit
  • Fix problem with occasional stalls in `url-retrieve-synchronously' commit
  • Mention NonGNU in "Package Archives" node in the manual commit
  • Add colon-space after prompt commit
  • Fix automatic hscrolling when line numbers are displayed commit
  • Improve wording of recently changed documentation commit
  • Make sure installed *.eln files have correct permissions commit
  • ERC right stamps: also use latest buffer's window's width (Bug#44140) commit
  • Change how project-find-file's completion works commit
  • New option etags-xref-prefer-current-file commit
  • Provide a default for xref-find-apropos pattern commit
  • Change the xref-goto-xref error message commit
  • Add function minibuffer-restore-windows (bug#45072) commit
  • Reset mtime of a buffer reverted "delicately" commit
  • Fix files-tests on non-Posix systems commit
  • Cease attempts to const-propagate through setq commit
  • Fix M-n description in refcards commit
  • Add support for the oauth2.el library in nnimap and smtpmail commit
  • Package archive location needs to be absolute filename commit
  • Add a new thing-at-point type: existing-filename commit
  • Make M-j' work reliably if comment-auto-fill-only-comments' is set commit
  • Improve `define-globalized-minor-mode' doc strings commit
  • ffap ido accommodation commit
  • Use `abort-minibuffers' in delsel commit
  • Add new user option 'read-minibuffer-restore-windows' commit
  • Update outdated Gnus information commit
  • lisp/so-long.el: Bump version for the GNU ELPA build commit
  • lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-generic.el (cl-generic-generalizers): Don't emit warning commit
  • Evaluate eql specializers commit
  • Code cleanup for Tramp's yubikey integration commit
  • file-name-concat is not error free commit
  • Declare file-name-concat as side-effect free commit
  • Remove ineffective expression in verilog-mode commit
  • Declare match-beginning and match-end as side-effect-free commit
  • Make global-so-long-mode' use buffer-line-statistics' commit
  • Revert "Make so-long' restore view-mode'" commit
  • Support 'preserved' variables and minor modes in `so-long-mode' commit
  • so-long-tests.el: Suppress expected warnings commit
  • lisp/so-long.el: Minor bug fixes commit
  • Make `global-so-long-mode' handle unrecognised file types commit
  • Increase so-long-threshold' and so-long-max-lines' defaults commit
  • Fix error while disassembling native code on macOS commit
  • Unbreak ERC's Ibuffer filter (Bug#44100) commit
  • Adjust tab-bar to the new mode-line-misc-info value (bug#49806) commit
  • mh-junk-background: fix documentation typo commit
  • mh-junk: adjust messages for allow/block actions commit

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