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11 months ago

Commits since last release

Check upstream for the full history.

  • Further tweaks to gnus-search-query-expand-key commit
  • Use `auto-save-file-name-p' in tramp-*-write-region commit
  • Fix compilation of the --with-wide-int configuration commit
  • Pacify GCC 11.1.1 20210531 (Red Hat 11.1.1-3) commit
  • Make pdumper-marking pickier commit
  • Fix pdumper-related GC bug commit
  • Rewrite gnus-search-query-expand-key commit
  • Rework gnus-search-indexed-parse-output commit
  • src/buffer.c (kill-buffer): Fix a typo. commit
  • doc/lispref/text.texi (Substitution): Add subst-char-in-string commit
  • Make package-menu-filter-by-status work as documented commit
  • Skip a process test on Cygwin to avoid hang commit
  • Further cleanup for file locks commit
  • Partially restore the lost C-mouse-2 drop-down menu commit
  • lisp/outline.el (outline-mode-cycle-map): Don't bind tab. commit
  • Code cleanup wrt file locks commit
  • Don't turn mouse-1 into mouse-2 when clicking on the tab-line (bug#49247) commit
  • Use display-buffer with re-builder (bug#49069) commit
  • Make desktop-kill more robust commit
  • Allow inhibiting inserting #! in sh-set-shell commit
  • Avoid making backup files in ediff when `make-backup-files' is nil commit
  • Make ido-mode override ffap-file-finder commit
  • Some further adaptions wrt Tramp file name locks commit
  • Exclude term-mode from hi-lock global modes commit
  • Fix font-lock of Makefile variables at the start of lines commit
  • Mention what happens with timers when the computer is asleep commit
  • Make make_lock_file_name more robust commit
  • Fix last change commit
  • Add new user option lock-file-name-transforms commit
  • Fix tty menus on monochrome displays commit
  • Implement file locks for remote files (Bug#49261) commit
  • Avoid invalid regexp in wide docstring check commit
  • lisp/repeat.el (describe-repeat-maps): Rename from `describe-repeat'. commit
  • Make `M-x clipboard-yank' work reliably commit
  • Explain what ( . c) means to the Emacs Lisp reader commit
  • Fix right-margin display on TTY frames commit
  • Warn when wrapping index matches with ,' after i' in Info commit
  • Add faces for shr heading elements (bug#49433) commit
  • Make gnus-gcc-externalize-attachments work again commit
  • Allow inhibiting warnings about unused variables and empty bodies commit
  • Allow using `mm-inline-message' from other mail clients than Gnus commit
  • Fix overfull hbox in Emacs manual commit
  • Minor copyedits of Emacs manual commit
  • xref--insert-xrefs): Fix printing of line numbers commit
  • Support reverting in Customize buffers commit
  • Count zero-length matches in `count-matches' correctly commit
  • Propagate :safe properties when autoloading defcustoms commit
  • Make `bookmark--unfontify' more robust commit
  • image-save' doc string clarification commit
  • Don't use LOCKNAME for temp files in Tramp (Bug#49406) commit
  • Show hand cursor when dragging frame (Bug#49247) commit
  • Fix newly introduced error in tramp-tests.el (Bug#49406) commit
  • Ignore .dir-locals-2.el files more commit
  • Ensure 'call-process' interprets INFILE as a local path commit
  • Adjust eshell and ps-print to not use emacs-kill-hook commit
  • Avoid deprecation warnings with Texinfo 6.8 commit
  • Fix crash in GNUstep font coverage check commit
  • Remove unused variables commit
  • Fix thread memory management under NS commit

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