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12 months ago

Commits since last release

Check upstream for the full history.

  • Prevent Org mode from mistakenly changing Calendar keymap commit
  • Fix syntax-category of some punctuation characters commit
  • lisp/bindings.el (bindings--sort-menu-keymap): Add "menu" in its name commit
  • lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-preloaded.el: Fix the format of props in slot-descs commit
  • Don't call ERT explainer on error commit
  • Attempt to make defclass documentation more legible commit
  • Fix printing of defclass documentation slots again commit
  • Allow `C-u M-x dig' to ask for a query type commit
  • Add SASL authentication to rcirc commit
  • Fix highlighting in cperl-mode for "for /regex/" commit
  • Ignore file-missing errors during diff-refined font-locking commit
  • Clarify the help in the package buffers commit
  • Sort the items in 'mode-line-mode-menu' before displaying the menu commit
  • lisp/printing.el (pr-global-menubar): Fix duplicate menu problem. commit
  • Fix defvar->defcustom conversion in ethio-util.el commit
  • Make ethio-* variables into user options commit
  • Revert "Sort the items in 'mode-line-mode-menu' before displaying the menu" commit
  • Sort the items in 'mode-line-mode-menu' before displaying the menu commit
  • Clean up code in `message-replace-header' commit
  • Fix message-replace-header after recent change commit
  • Give feedback to the user in dired-do-find-regexp commit
  • Make minor mode docstrings say what the mode "variable" is commit
  • Use named face for apropos-button commit
  • If the daemon’s TTY is our only frame, create a new frame commit
  • Advertise support for Startup Notification when built with GTK commit
  • Make tex-compile-commands heed tex-start-options commit
  • Fix "make -j install" commit
  • time-stamp: add principled, expressive %z commit
  • Fix shortdoc-add-function section creation commit
  • Fix prompting for large files when loading literally commit
  • Make find-file-literally ignore local variables again commit
  • Refactor gnus-article-sort-by-* commit
  • Further fixes for bound-and-true-p doc string commit
  • Do not attempt to write .elc files when not necessary (bug#49118) commit

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