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12 months ago

Commits since last release

Check upstream for the full history.

  • Fix GNUstep menu update crashes commit
  • Fix GNUstep build warnings commit
  • Adapt tests in tramp-archive-tests.el commit
  • Add input methods for Lakota commit
  • Add new convenience command for Help commit
  • Fix error in tramp-archive.el commit
  • Use file-truename on files loaded with "emacs -l" commit
  • Improve bound-and-true-p doc string commit
  • De-obfuscate gnutls_handshake loop commit
  • New Gnus Summary buffer sort options for extra headers commit
  • Another improvement in documentation of "memory" profiler commit
  • Allow `message-replace-header' to take a list of AFTERs commit
  • Add support for displaying total number of groups in subgroups in Gnus commit
  • Improve documentation of profiler commit
  • Improve to selsel doc strings commit
  • Revert "Add `file-name-set-extension'" commit
  • Add `file-name-set-extension' commit
  • Handle case remote uid is 0 in some Tramp related tests commit
  • Fix a frame created without scroll/menu/toolbar is empty commit
  • Revert "Revert "* src/pgtkfns.c: Do not show an empty frame prematurely"" commit
  • Fix Morse for non-ASCII letters commit
  • Improve and update the 'etags' test suite commit
  • Fix Mercury support, notably qualified procedures. commit
  • Update SCSS test file syntax. commit
  • Use \footref when referencing a footnote label commit
  • Support new LaTeX kernel macro \footref commit
  • lisp/help-fns.el (help--symbol-class): Concat chars for all namespaces. commit
  • Fix display-buffer-override-next-command for no-select case (bug#49057) commit
  • lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-generic.el: Fix bug#49053 and bug#47454 commit
  • Eliminate some GCC warnings commit
  • lisp/simple.el (save-interprogram-paste-before-kill): Fix type. commit
  • Remove outdated advise from manual commit
  • Prepare pdumper dump file in memory, write it in one go (Bug#46881) commit
  • User option to choose a function triggered by windmove-create (bug#48917) commit
  • User option to select 'no-other-window' with windmove (bug#48916) commit
  • Make help-view-source more robust commit
  • Add new convenience commands for Help commit
  • Clarify (interactive "K") in the manual commit
  • Document 'ispell-program-name' commit
  • Allow ERT tests to output the failure reasons, too commit
  • Add a new function syntax-class-to-char commit
  • Fix dragging dividers in terminal Emacs when there's margins commit
  • Document `completions-format' commit
  • Fix false positives in docstring width warning with (fn...) constructs. commit
  • mh-junk need not support SpamAssassin 2.20 from 2003 commit
  • Remove unused variable from sgml-mode test commit
  • Get fractional seconds in iso8601 parsing right commit

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