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12 months ago

Commits since last release

Check upstream for the full history.

  • perl-mode.el: Allow newline between quote-likes and delimiter commit
  • Improve delete-window-choose-selected documentation commit
  • Rename/rewrite recently added option and function in window.el commit
  • Simplify vc-git-log-switches's usage; change default value to nil commit
  • Support mercury in 'ctags' as well commit
  • Improve documentation of 'M-y' commit
  • Provide new option `delete-window-set-selected' (Bug#47300) commit
  • perl-mode.el: Detect quote-like operator immediately after => commit
  • Remove pause on fullscreening in NS (bug#48406) commit
  • Fix image filename encoding issues (bug#48902) commit
  • Handle auto-cd in shell-mode commit
  • New user option for Git log switches commit
  • perl-mode.el: Detect regexes immediately after "|&" commit
  • lisp/simple.el (yank-from-kill-ring): Add edited string to the kill-ring. commit
  • Sync overlay code in minibuffer-message and set-minibuffer-message (bug#48669) commit
  • src/pgtkselect.c: Avoid Glib assertion warnings commit
  • Change the Gnus default to use `#' to toggle the process mark commit
  • MH-E: do not look for MH variants in relative directories commit
  • Fix an example in ERC docs commit
  • Revert "src/nsterm.m: fix window tabbing on macOS" commit
  • Improve support of remote files in browse-url.el commit
  • Fix rgrep abbreviation commit
  • Support remote file names in `browse-url-of-buffer' commit
  • Support old BSD find and "root dir symlink" better commit
  • completion-pcm--hilit-commonality: Reuse the match-data cons cells commit
  • Fix a problem with restarting 'tags-search' commit
  • Clarify boolean widget prompt commit
  • Clarify file reversion prompt commit
  • Make so-long' restore view-mode' commit
  • Minor copyedits in the Emacs user manual commit
  • Minor fixes for last change commit
  • Add support for Mercury ( in 'etags' commit
  • src/nsterm.m: fix window tabbing on macOS commit

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