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12 months ago

Commits since last release

Check upstream for the full history.

  • Consider environment vars in Fido's directory-aware RET binding commit
  • Fix Gnus summary exclusion when everything matches commit
  • Document the last change commit
  • Support terminal emulators that encode the Meta modifier as 8th bit commit
  • Support frame-scale-factor on pgtk frames commit
  • Fix slow operation of 'string-width' commit
  • Some additions to the TeX input method commit
  • Make icomplete less blinky and more responsive commit
  • Ask if dir and subdir dired buffers be killed when deleting dir commit
  • Fix documentation of a recent change. commit
  • Fix placement of point in Dired deletion operations commit
  • Add a new `server-edit-abort' command commit
  • Revert "Make the `i' command in Info-mode remove duplicate matches" commit
  • Fix documentation of recent 'windmove' changes commit
  • lisp/simple.el (read-from-kill-ring): Fix the case of 'M-y M-p' (bug#48478) commit
  • lisp/help-fns.el (help--symbol-class): New function. commit
  • Add user options for default windmove commands (bug#41438) commit
  • Improve windmove-*-default-keybindings functions (bug#41438) commit
  • Constant-propagate (function SYMBOL) commit
  • Optimise (cons X nil) to (list X) commit
  • Fix fill-column-indicator on TTY frames commit
  • More accurate highlighting of mis-spellings in Flyspell commit
  • Make the `i' command in Info-mode remove duplicate matches commit
  • Fix up previous hideif change to avoid a compilation warning commit
  • fringe-mode doc clarifications commit
  • lisp/progmodes/hideif.el: Fix initial version for new variables commit
  • Fix problem with empty command histories in eshell and `erase' commit
  • Cross-reference the message/error control variables commit
  • Allow opening buttonized URL with secondary browser in rcirc commit
  • Fix a typo in 'produce_glyphless_glyph' commit
  • lisp/progmodes/hideif.el: update for new C++ standards and extensions commit
  • Fix ibuffer auto-shrinking windows commit
  • Move point in dired buffers when handling a list of files commit
  • Add new user option to Gnus to allow `#' to toggle commit
  • Improve performance of NS port's display on macOS commit
  • Add `native-compile-target-directory' (bug#48743) commit
  • Rename batch-byte-native-compile-for-bootstrap (bug#48743) commit
  • Remove unnecessary function declaration in isearch commit
  • Avoid hang in nnimap-keepalive commit
  • lisp/gnus/gnus-art.el: Don't sneak dynbound code via quoting commit
  • Add annotation capability to icomplete-vertical-mode commit
  • Improve icomplete-vertical-mode and fido-vertical-mode commit
  • Allow packages to change the hl-line overlay priority commit
  • Fix problem with `format-alist' marking all the text in the buffer commit
  • Document `with-selected-frame' commit
  • Obsolete `global-whitespace-newline-mode' commit
  • Add a new command `mailcap-view-file' commit
  • Fix documentation of literal `face' syntax in font-lock section commit
  • Improve random selection of keyservers commit
  • lisp/isearch.el (lazy-highlight-buffer-max-at-a-time): Change from 20 to 200 commit
  • Make Async-native-compile-log buffer read-only (bug#48763) commit
  • Make frames record when their selected window was the mini-window commit
  • Remove spurious @example from the elisp manual commit
  • Remove messaging in ediff-make-diff2-buffer commit
  • Put ELP results in a special-mode buffer commit
  • Make `menu-bar-select-buffer' obsolete commit
  • Revert "Move menu-bar-select-buffer to msb.el" commit
  • Use buffer-local-boundp in describe-variable commit
  • Add new convenience function `buffer-local-boundp' commit
  • Speed up `describe-variable' completion predicate commit
  • Fix error in xdg-mime-apps-files when XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP is defined commit

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