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13 months ago

Commits since last release

Check upstream for the full history.

  • Document that the 'syntax-propertize-function' may move point. commit
  • Give 'syntax-propertize-wholelines' a docstring. commit
  • time-stamp: fix minor bug when parsing option combos commit
  • time-stamp: refactor time-stamp-string-preprocess commit
  • Do not reset settings when disabling a theme commit
  • Don't account for character compositions in 'format' and friends commit
  • Clarify that `symbol-file' only works for symbols in Lisp files commit
  • Allow help-C-file-name to work on symbols designating subrs commit
  • Fix kmacro-view-ring-2nd doc string commit
  • Move menu-bar-select-buffer to msb.el commit
  • time-stamp: improve unit-test coverage commit
  • minibuffer-exit-hook' doc string clarification commit
  • Add a new documentation group for overlays commit
  • Improve the documentation of documentation groups commit
  • Tweak octave continuation indentation commit
  • Clarify indent-line-function doc string commit

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