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13 months ago

Commits since last release

Check upstream for the full history.

  • Revert recent changes to image.c which break pgtk commit
  • Add :company-kind support to nxml-mode completion commit
  • Add :company-kind support to sh-mode completion commit
  • Include colons in the completion strings commit
  • Add :company-kind support to css-mode completion commit
  • Make the M-x obsoletion check more robust commit
  • Create a variable to enable selection on multi display commit
  • Various detailed fixes to minibuf.c, etc., to fix bug #48337 commit
  • Treat all the wayland connection as the same display commit
  • doc/misc/calc.texi: Remove most hand-written node pointers. commit
  • Remove more hand-written node pointers in doc/misc commit
  • Process sentinels need to work under X and commandline commit
  • Fix vertical cursor motion across tall text or small images commit
  • Fix bug#48349 in file-name-non-special commit
  • Document `package-quickstart' in the user manual commit
  • Make searching for files faster under Windows commit
  • Don't consider obsolete commands for completion in some cases commit
  • Use an explicit line width of 1 on hollow cursors under X commit
  • Fix evaluation order for hack-local-variables commit
  • Don't mark interactive commands as internal functions commit
  • Improve doc strings and prompt in epa-ks.el commit
  • Even further `text-property-search-forward' clarifications commit
  • All a GPG key server client commit
  • Fix `uniquify-managed' unbounded growth commit
  • src/pgtkterm.c remove duplicated code commit
  • Further corrections for the text-property-search doc strings commit
  • Tweak indentation of #foo in js-mode commit
  • Remove unused variable in rmail.el commit
  • Fix the tests for 'string-limit' commit
  • Abbreviate rgrep command on MS Windows (bug#48302) commit
  • Handle Bug#24526 without breaking Emacs on tiling WMs (Bug#48268) commit
  • Handle empty string as mail-header-separator commit
  • Handle multi-line FROM. commit
  • Little improvements in rmail.el. Recognize encryped override headers. commit
  • Use rfc822-goto-eoh rather that mail-header-separator. commit
  • Move the Text Properties menu back to Edit commit
  • Move facemenu to enriched mode commit
  • Fix dired confirm message asking to kill buffers of deleted dir (bug#48301) commit
  • lisp/font-lock.el: Fix font-lock-comment-end-skip fallback (bug#34088) commit
  • Improve documentation of Hexl mode commit
  • Rename comp-deferred-compilation commit
  • Rename comp-deferred-compilation-deny-list commit
  • Mention native compilation in the user manual commit
  • Fix exiting Emacs when savehist-file not writable commit
  • Fix comment end delimiter fontification in OPascal mode commit
  • Fix assertions in nth_minibuffer commit
  • text-property-search-forward' doc string improvement commit
  • Fix Hexl handling of coding-systems with BOM commit
  • Tweak documentation relating to 'erc-tls' commit
  • Simplify maintainer-clean. commit
  • Always include the test/ directory in tarfiles commit
  • Fix frame size shrinking when turning fringe/scrollbars on/off commit
  • Extend meaning of UNIQUIFY `auto-save-file-name-transforms'. (Bug#47493) commit
  • Avoid saving session customizations in the custom-file commit
  • Always heed the `lexical-binding' local variable commit
  • Small fixes for out-of-tree clean rules. commit
  • Small fixes for Makefile clean rules commit
  • Base the "extraclean" Make rule on "maintainer-clean" commit
  • lisp/misearch.el (multi-isearch-switch-buffer): New function. commit
  • etc/NEWS.27: Revert last change. commit

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