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13 months ago

Commits since last release

Check upstream for the full history.

  • lisp/misearch.el (multi-isearch-switch-buffer): New function. commit
  • etc/NEWS.27: Revert last change. commit
  • Cleanups for Tramp out-of-band methods on MS Windows commit
  • Make autoloads-force work in build directory commit
  • Default to 1970 in decoded-time-set-defaults commit
  • Reintroduce autoloads for edebug-all-defs/edebug-all-forms commit
  • Fix indentation of lines starting with # in js-mode commit
  • Fix pgtk_make_frame_visible doesn't work commit
  • Fix decoded-time-set-defaults typo in NEWS.27. commit
  • Tiny fixes to recent native compilation docs commit
  • Entrust Gtk with handling tooltips commit
  • Document native-compilation commit
  • Don't delete socket on server exit if it was passed in commit
  • Remove dead URL in isearchb.el comments commit
  • Prevent the selected window being a dead mini-window when switching frames commit
  • Mention that Emacs is usually case-insensitive in a couple of places commit
  • Revert "Fix moving directories with the same name to trash" commit
  • Fix moving directories with the same name to trash commit
  • Ensure ` ' handles rectangular regions commit
  • Don't use symbolic links in the test resource directory. commit
  • Tramp: Fix file name quoting on MS Windows commit
  • Fix a recent change in rmc.el commit
  • Fix some annoyances wrt file-name-non-special commit
  • mail-envelope-from' doc clarification commit
  • Tune Tramp traces commit

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