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13 months ago

Commits since last release

Check upstream for the full history.

  • Shell-quote the directory when finding a project's files commit
  • project--buffer-list: Tighten the check commit
  • Rename comp-eln-load-path → native-comp-eln-load-path commit
  • Rename comp-warning-on-missing-source commit
  • Rename comp-native-driver-options → native-comp-driver-options commit
  • Rename comp-async-query-on-exit → native-comp-async-query-on-exit commit
  • Rename comp-async-report-warnings-errors commit
  • Rename comp-async-env-modifier-form → native-comp-async-env-modifier-form commit
  • Rename comp-async-all-done-hook → native-comp-async-all-done-hook commit
  • Rename comp-async-cu-done-functions → native-comp-async-cu-done-functions commit
  • Rename comp-async-jobs-number → native-comp-async-jobs-number commit
  • Rename comp-never-optimize-functions → native-comp-never-optimize-functions commit
  • Rename comp-bootstrap-deny-list → native-comp-bootstrap-deny-list commit
  • Rename comp-always-compile → native-comp-always-compile commit
  • Rename comp-verbose -> native-comp-verbose commit
  • Rename comp-debug -> native-comp-debug commit
  • Rename comp-speed -> native-comp-speed commit
  • Rename comp-limple-mode -> native-comp-limple-mode commit
  • In Tramp, use scp "-T" argument if available commit
  • Improve formatting in text-quoting-style docstring commit
  • Remove another variable alias obsolete since Emacs 23 commit
  • Don't fail image-tests if JPEG format isn't compiled in commit
  • Tidy file-matching regexps and remove some ineffective backslashes commit
  • Make (setf (map-elt ...)) return the value in the alist/plist cases commit
  • Add tests for `map-elt' commit
  • Fix bug#47625 in dired commit
  • Fix wrong handling of minibuffers when frames get iconified/made invisible commit
  • cperl-mode: Eliminate bad interpretation of ?foo? commit
  • Only look at the headers when computing the envelope from address commit
  • Fix ispell program comparison commit
  • Make Info completion more robust commit
  • Add a help option to the open large files prompt commit
  • Extend read-multiple-choice to support free-form help descriptions commit
  • New option to confirm deletion in bookmark menu commit
  • Rename feature nativecomp' into native-compile' commit
  • Fix setting of 'width' and 'height' frame parameters commit
  • Tweak how some Japanese punctuation chars are translated to ASCII commit
  • Better identify native compiler presence in two tests. commit
  • Don't bug out in `Info-goto-node' completion commit
  • Fix error in ses.el when setting the current row commit
  • Allow C-x C-k l' to work even if C-h l' is unbound commit
  • Remove unnecessary call to message in js.el commit
  • Use @defmac on eval-{and,when}-compile commit
  • Fix two GTK3 event handling issues commit
  • Add new defvoo nnimap-keepalive-intervals to Gnus nnimap servers commit
  • Remove unused lexical variables in cc-defs.el commit
  • Do not try to load unexistent eln file if async compilation was skipped commit
  • Fix infloop in lsp-mode commit
  • Fix inconsistent behaviour in find-file-noselect when using nowarn commit
  • Allow TAB to go to a key in EPA key buffers commit
  • Fontify lines when setting a bookmark commit
  • Ensure updating the animated image in all windows commit
  • Fix a problem with x_set_tab_bar_lines (Bug#46827) commit
  • project--buffer-list: Avoid Tramp buffers when possible commit
  • Fix unquoting of file names in subprocesses (Bug#48177) commit
  • Fix incorrect resizing behaviour on macOS (bug#48157, bug#48162) commit
  • ediff shouldn't alter the kill ring when copying a diff commit

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