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14 months ago

Commits since last release

Check upstream for the full history.

  • project--buffer-list: Avoid Tramp buffers when possible commit
  • Fix unquoting of file names in subprocesses (Bug#48177) commit
  • Fix incorrect resizing behaviour on macOS (bug#48157, bug#48162) commit
  • ediff shouldn't alter the kill ring when copying a diff commit
  • Speed up animation of non-displayed buffers commit
  • Speed up animation of non-displayed images commit
  • Note that function symbols are preferred in `add-hook' commit
  • ruby-mode.el: puts and printf do not require args commit
  • Align to the English version commit
  • Add two changes announced but not included in previous commit commit
  • lisp/progmodes/cc-defs (c-save-buffer-state): Amend debug spec, t to let* commit
  • Add new help command 'describe-command' commit
  • lisp/apropos.el (apropos-value, apropos-local-value): Tweak for lexbind commit
  • Fix crash when resizing GNUstep builds commit
  • Bind S-SPC to scroll-down in help-for-help commit
  • Minor doc fixes in simple.el commit
  • Don't use pdumper-stats with unexec commit
  • Inhibit lines in doc-view-mode commit
  • Add newline and tab matching documentation to query-replace-regexp commit
  • Tweak filtering some more commit
  • Make adjust_frame_size set up frame's new_width/_height too (Bug#17120) commit
  • Suppress false positives in apropos-value commit
  • lisp/simple.el (newline): Make the hook function remove itself commit
  • lisp/minibuffer.el (completing-read-default): Fix bug#45474 commit
  • Fix infinite loop on GNUstep when toolbar updated commit
  • Fix NS build warnings commit
  • Fix GUD overlay arrows in gdb-mi when debugging over Tramp commit
  • Advertise PgUp/PgDn instead of SPC/DEL in help-for-help commit
  • Don't signal scan-error in interactive sexp-based commands commit
  • Fix the unexec build on MS-Windows commit
  • Alter `gnus-article-show-images' to re-display with images installed commit
  • Improve support for 'display-line-numbers-width-start' commit

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