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14 months ago

Commits since last release

Check upstream for the full history.

  • Clean-up temporary eln test-suite directory when exiting (bug#48060) commit
  • Have `comp-cstr-intersection-no-mem' intersect pos neg value sets commit
  • Avoid missing whitespace in help-for-help commit
  • Fix loading problem in Tramp commit
  • affixation-function): Allow only three-element list elements commit
  • Calc: control digits after decimal point (bug#47302) commit
  • Major rewrite of adjust_frame_size commit
  • Doc fixes for comp.el commit
  • Fix some custom types in comp.el commit
  • Fix compilation warnings in non-toolkit builds commit
  • Rename abnormal hook to comp-async-cu-done-functions commit
  • Fix failing subr test commit
  • Fix failing auth-source test commit
  • Ensure that we get an X-Draft-From headers commit
  • lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Fix use of find-library-name commit
  • Rework where `comp-ctxt' is defined. commit
  • Small tweaks to gnus-registry reindexing messaging commit
  • Make use of ert-resource-file' ert-resource-directory' in comp-tests commit
  • Use expand-file-name' in place of concat' in comp-tests.el commit
  • Move native compiler test data into proper directory (bug#48031) commit
  • Fix comp-cstr tests for vanilla build (bug#48021) commit
  • Some rearrangement in gitlab-ci.yml commit
  • Fix typo in tramp-get-remote-gid commit

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