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15 months ago

Commits since last release

Check upstream for the full history.

  • Introduce `comp-file-preloaded-p' commit
  • Use powershell for Tramp on MS Windows commit
  • Do not search the global keymap in project--keymap-prompt commit
  • Don't call `image-toggle-display-text' when toggling commit
  • Fix cd to directories called "eshell" in eshell commit
  • Remove redundant #' before lambda in calc/*.el commit
  • Remove local uniquify functions in favour of seq-uniq commit
  • Obsolete local set difference functions in favor of seq-difference commit
  • Obsolete local list functions in shadowfile.el commit
  • Remove code commented out since 1995 from ediff-util.el commit
  • Replace local intersection functions with seq-intersection commit
  • Make ediff-copy-list alias obsolete commit
  • Regenerate texi-from-org if ox-texinfo.el changes commit
  • Regenerate semantic grammars if the generating code changes commit
  • Output native compiled preloaded files into the 'preloaded' subfolder commit
  • cperl-mode: Don't reposition the window when writing messages commit
  • Clarify the doc string of insert-image commit
  • Work around issue with (setq Man-notify-method 'aggressive) commit
  • Make maintainer-clean delete generated files, as per standards commit
  • Work around librsvg bug (bug#47074) commit
  • test/lisp/filenotify-tests.el (file-notify--test-timeout): commit
  • Fix MS-Windows build commit
  • Use lexical-binding in hilit-chg.el commit
  • Remove redundant #' before lambda in tests commit
  • Fix warnings in image.c commit
  • Fix unexec compilation commit
  • Fix recent changes regarding frame-scale-factor commit
  • Fix build error in frame.h on non-NS commit
  • Make new SVG widgets match character height (bug#47074) commit
  • Set CSS for SVG files commit
  • Fix NSTRACE failure commit
  • Implement frame-scale-factor commit
  • Add SVG icons for customize buffers commit
  • lisp/vcursor.el: Use lexical-binding commit
  • lisp/net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-sh-handle-insert-directory): commit
  • test/lisp/filenotify-tests.el (file-notify--test-timeout): Change timing. commit
  • Replace two functions with seq-subseq commit
  • Remove redundant #' before lambda in eshell/*.el commit
  • lisp/progmodes/simula.el: Use lexical-binding commit
  • Use lexical-binding in recentf.el commit
  • Remove references to very old versions of Emacs from eintr commit
  • Remove redundant #' before lambda in textmodes/*.el commit
  • doc/misc/reftex.texi: Remove outdated instructions commit
  • Delete XEmacs-only definition commit
  • lisp/progmodes/xref.el: Change xref-file-name-display and xref-match face. commit
  • Fix C-u project-find-regexp's default dir commit
  • Remove redundant #' before lambda in {mail,net,url}/*.el commit
  • Issue a warning when eln look-up fails due to missing .el source file. commit
  • Use lexical-binding in executable.el and add tests commit
  • Remove redundant #' before lambda in progmodes/*.el commit
  • Remove redundant #' before lambda in international/*.el commit
  • Fix 'extraclean' targets commit
  • Use lexical-binding in epg-config.el and add tests commit
  • Use lexical-binding in isearchb.el commit
  • Remove redundant #' before lambda in Gnus commit

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