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15 months ago

Commits since last release

Check upstream for the full history.

  • Use lexical-binding in scroll-all.el commit
  • Fix incorrect regular expression for more general text replacements. commit
  • Use lexical-binding in chistory.el commit
  • Use lexical-binding in double.el commit
  • Use lexical-binding in dirtrack.el commit
  • Remove redundant #' before lambda in cedet commit
  • Delete Emacs 19 compat code in foldout.el commit
  • Use lexical-binding in lpr.el and add rudimentary tests commit
  • Use lexical-binding in echistory.el commit
  • Delete empty "History" sections commit
  • Use lexical-binding in follow.el commit
  • lisp/progmodes/verilog-mode.el internal code cleanup. commit
  • lisp/textmodes/reftex-auc.el: Improve the external function declarations commit
  • Provide information to show icons with Elisp completions commit
  • lisp/progmodes/verilog-mode.el: Prepare for lexical-binding. commit
  • lisp/progmodes/verilog-mode.el: Fix indentation of enum. commit
  • lisp/completion.el: Activate lexical-binding commit
  • lisp/woman.el: Activate lexical-binding. Require cl-lib commit
  • lisp/progmodes/project.el (project-regexp-history-variable): New variable. commit
  • lisp/allout*.el: Use lexical-binding commit
  • Fix an infinite loop in C++ Mode redisplay. This was bug #47191. commit
  • Some Tramp doc clarifications commit
  • Protect add-variable-watcher from incorrect usage commit
  • Optimize test jobs for emba commit
  • Doc fixes in follow.el commit
  • Fix hang in autorevert-tests.el commit
  • Fix a dbus.el byte compilation warning commit
  • Use a 64KB page size for pdump commit
  • Revert "Clarify dired-do-shell-command doc string" commit
  • Revert "Clarify dired-do-shell-command doc string" commit
  • Clarify dired-do-shell-command doc string commit
  • Clarify dired-do-shell-command doc string commit
  • Doc fixes for 'face-foreground' and 'face-background'. commit
  • compilation-goto-locus does not handle right display-buffer commit
  • Clarify the doc string of plist-memeber and plist-put commit
  • Avoid errors in pulse.el for some face customizations commit
  • Make artifacts working on emba (hopefully) commit
  • Demote read-extended-command-predicate errors commit
  • lisp/wdired.el: Fix minor regressions and simplify a bit commit
  • lisp/wdired.el: Apply text properties lazily commit
  • Keep *.log files on emba commit
  • Fix lisp/files-tests on MS-Windows commit
  • File unlock errors now issue warnings (Bug#46397) commit
  • Add test coverage for src/filelock.c (Bug#46397) commit
  • Fix encoding by ISO-2022-JP commit
  • Improve remote file notifications commit
  • Address some --without-x byte-compilation warnings commit
  • lisp/obsolete/tpu-extras.el: Avoid defadvice commit
  • lisp/mh-e/: Take advice-remove of the newly enabled lexical-binding commit
  • Prevent stale eln loading checking file timestamp before load (bug#46617) commit
  • admin.el fix for bug#47394 commit
  • Bump Emacs version past 27.2 commit
  • Assert not local-variable-p after setq in let_default binding commit
  • Add a test for let-binding unwinding commit
  • lisp/htmlfontify.el: Fix misuses of nconc commit
  • Remove XEmacs support in lexical-binding commit
  • Update rnc to use Open Document's Relax-NG schema to version 1.3 commit
  • Fix replace-buffer-contents undefined behavior commit
  • Fix filenotify-tests.el for Solaris (bug#47262), do not merge commit

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