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15 months ago

Commits since last release

Check upstream for the full history.

  • Adapt Tramp file notification support commit
  • Fix typo commit
  • Add command project-remove-known-project commit
  • list/progmodes/idl*.el: Use lexical-binding commit
  • lisp/tab-bar.el (tab-bar-tab-post-change-group-functions): New hook. commit
  • Improve failure reporting in test/lisp/electric-tests.el commit
  • Fix previous format-prompt change: The default can be a symbol commit
  • perl-mode: Fix regexps for fontification commit
  • Improve two native compiler related docstrings. commit
  • Revert "Remove font-lock toggle from font-lock-update" commit
  • Remove font-lock toggle from font-lock-update commit
  • xref.el: Keep Emacs 26 compatibility commit
  • Add optional FORMAT argument to 'emacs-init-time' commit
  • Replace "(default %s)" with 'format-prompt' commit
  • Fix problem with filling with a computed fill prefix commit
  • Move string-trim functions to subr.el commit
  • Use lexical-binding in iimage.el commit
  • Use lexical-binding in two trivial org-mode files commit
  • Use lexical-binding in view.el commit
  • Delete some commented out defgroups commit
  • Doc fixes in view.el commit
  • Use lexical-binding in ruler-mode.el commit
  • lisp/progmodes/ebnf-*.el: Use lexical-binding commit
  • lisp/mh-e: Enable lexical-binding in all the files commit
  • lisp/wdired.el: Fix typo in last change. commit
  • Mention C-o' in the RET' doc string commit
  • Fix previous face.el change commit
  • lisp/tab-bar.el (tab-bar-new-tab-group): Set default to t. commit
  • Use read-color in read-face-attribute for color attributes commit
  • lisp/files-x.el (connection-local-criteria-for-default-directory): commit
  • Remove unnecessary requires of rx commit
  • Use lexical-binding in notifications.el commit

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