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15 months ago

Commits since last release

Check upstream for the full history.

  • Fix some entry in `comp-known-type-specifiers' (bug#46847) commit
  • Don't call setjmp through a function pointer on Windows (bug#47067) commit
  • Fix hang due to failure to clean up *.eln.old files at exit commit
  • lisp/tab-bar.el: Tab groups can be displayed with tab-bar-format-tabs-groups commit
  • lisp/tab-line.el: Update docstring of 'tab-line-tabs-function' (bug#47117) commit
  • lisp/tab-line.el: Add face for group-tab (bug#47118) commit
  • lisp/net/tramp-crypt.el (tramp-crypt-add-directory): commit
  • Fix buffer overflow in xbm_scan (bug#47094) commit
  • Separate values 'override' and 'append' in 'outline-minor-mode-highlight' commit
  • Add help-key-binding styling to wombat theme commit
  • Add comment for a recent change commit
  • Fix rare redisplay glitches when image has been removed from display commit
  • Adjust colors of help-key-binding face for readability commit
  • Remove ;;;###tramp-autoload cookie from Tramp defcustoms (Bug#47063) commit
  • Extend support for faces in Enriched mode commit
  • Fix circular dependecy when loading a modified comp.el (bug#47049) commit
  • Fix simple-tests--undo* commit
  • lisp/filesets.el: Address byte-compiler warning commit
  • lisp/cedet/{.el,ede/.el}: Use lexical-binding commit
  • Tramp sshfs fixes commit
  • Implement `no-native-compile' (bug#46983) commit
  • Document how to create a branch for Git/Mercurial commit
  • Fix error reporting for async native compilation (bug#47024) commit
  • lisp/emacs-lisp/cconv.el (cconv--analyze-use): Tune down the warning commit

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